Saturday, January 18, 2014

Top Ten things only people Autoimmune Disease or Fibromyalgia will understand

1) When you wake up in the morning, you feel more like a dizzy 2x4 than a human being

2) "Jump out of bed" =  lol

3) You are Psychic : You know when it's going to rain or snow before the weather channel

4) At least once, a sick spouse or friend has said to you "well at least you're USED to this! I feel awful!"
We get used to it now?!

5) At least one medical professional has advised you that all you need to do is "get more sleep and excercise'" to feel better. HA!!  Bonus if you have been informed that its "all in your head".

6) Whenever you see a Lyrica commercial, you can't help laughing the ridiculous  "amazing results" they promise.

Lyrica Commercial that is a tad more honest about the horrible side effects.  They still don't mention that the benefits only last about a month for most people.  }:o(


7) When you are able to speak in full, complete sentences with no grammatical or vocabulary errors, and maybe even some wit or humour thrown in, you stop and think "wow, did I just say that?! woohoo!!"

8) You can't drink an alcoholic beverage without falling asleep within 10 minutes

9) The first 3 hours of the day are still technically called 'waking up'

10) You understand what is important in life; the little joys, the small successes... like going to the store without feeling like you're going to pass out, wearing high heels without pain, or having just one pain-free hour in a week.

Thank you SO much for reading; I hope I made you smile at least once =D

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wishing joyful and pain-free days to all!
~The PFM

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  1. that's my life lol lubyloo

  2. I love the Lyrica pic. It cracked me up! Thanks for sharing this; it's nice to be able to laugh at myself.

  3. Robyn, thanks for the feedback! Yes; I was tired of seeing all the funny top ten lists for all those healthy people out there; ) we needed one of our own! Please share with your friends!

  4. This is hysterical and scarily accurate at the same time!

    1. SpoonlessMomma, thanks so much for commenting!! I read it when I have bad days and it makes me smile :)

  5. Oh no!! I can relate to every single one!! Got to keep the sense of humor though!!

  6. Just found you by chance from a Homeschool Teaching site and laughed out loud at ALL of these! I still can't figure out the 3-8 hours it takes me to "wake up" every day? I am a former HS teacher, swim coach, & Adult Online GED teacher that has signed up to follow your blog. I so feel for you, as I have all your same dx's...with the added bonus of brain lesions & O-bands that just throws a DX off--apparently scientifically the Dr's do not believe you can have both MS & Lupus all though all blood work, signs, & symptoms are present)-- even after visiting the Mayo Clinic in MN from FL every 6 months for 1 1/2 years & doing a year of IV Cytoxan, I was just told my case is very complicated & left with a bunch of labels. But, hey, I can't complain now, b/c I'm writing this now (even if I don't remember it tomorrow;), I know who & where I am, I can walk again without falling over every minute (I've PROUDLY dared wearing an old favorite pair of healed flip-flops once since 2007), & have a wonderful, empathetic, & caring 11 year old daughter & dh. Sorry to hijack your great TOP TEN list; just wanted to introduce myself. I used to be an active Spoony member on the Lupus Yahoo group~ my screen name was MSLuped. Great to meet you & look forward to following your blog.

  7. MSLuped, thank you so much for sharing your story and all of the wonderful feedback! I'm so glad you enjoyed the list... my goal is to make people laugh :) Check out the archive, especially the helminithic therapy posts, as someone with MS, you will probably find them very interesting! Nice to meet you, and thanks so much for following =D

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